Want to Become a Guest Speaker?

We have had the privilege of hosting events with a number of great speakers. We are always on the look for out for inspirational entrepreneurs who would be interested in giving a short speech at our next event. 

To start, look at the colleges or universities whose students you met with previously. Make note of faculty that have been there the longest and who are the most active. If possible, when meeting with students, ask for recommendations of which faculty you should and shouldn’t contact. That way, you won’t waste time contacting professors unlikely to respond. You’ll also have a solid list of faculty that’s most likely to care about their students and school enough to encourage positive change for them.

As far as questions for faculty are concerned, many of the questions for students are relevant starting points. For example, what are their biggest concerns and challenges, as educators? What areas of the college have they seen improve or decline in their years as faculty members? However, make sure to take it a step further from these, and dig deeper into how the school needs help. Are they running into budgetary issues? Maybe they need a speaker with financial expertise! Are they struggling to engage their students and balance a diverse student body? Diversity and inclusion speakers, this is your time to shine.

If you would like to get involved as a speaker, please complete this form.