Edinburgh – How Serial Entrepreneurs Think

Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 – 6.00pm to 9.00pm United Kingdom Time

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This will be the third meeting of Cambentrepreneurs in Edinburgh and we are very pleased to have partnered with the Entrepreneurship Club, eClub, at the University of Edinburgh’s Business School for this event.

We have three successful Serial Entrepreneurs coming to speak to us, giving their perspective on how Entrepreneurs think. They have all been involved in multiple startups as founders and in a variety of other roles. Taking us through their personal journeys and what they have learnt along the way including “Dos” and “Don’ts” should make for an interesting evening.

There will also be the opportunity to chat with other attendees over refreshments after the talks. The event STARTS at 6:30pm and is FREE to attend, but a small ‘at the door’ DONATION by Cambridge alumni would be most appreciated.


6:30pm Welcome by Dr. Claudia M. Duffy

6:45pm Brian Williamson

7:05pm Simon Krystman

7:25pm Hanadi Jabado

7:45pm Panel discussion

8:15pm Closing remarks and Networking

9:30pm Event closes


Brian Williamson

A professional businessman and award-winning entrepreneur. He started out by rapidly climbing the management ladder in industry, securing his first MD position by 26.

For the last 23 years his life as an entrepreneur has been a rollercoaster of fantastic highs and unbelievable lows.

Today his business focus is with companies that: “have great offerings; are missing the bit I can help with; and have fun people to work with.”

In 2016 he was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to entrepreneurship.



Simon Krystman

A passionate entrepreneur who has successfully set up and exited a number of businesses in the digital and innovation space over the past twenty years; most recently launching a suite of products for startups and early stage companies. These revolve around ideas, people and funding.

His philanthropic activities involve crowdfunding for communities where he runs a crowdfunding platform to raise small amounts of funding for social causes, often working with MP’s and other community leaders.



Hanadi Jabado

A serial entrepreneur with a solid understanding of clusters and innovation. She is a seasoned start-up advisor, angel investor and non exec.

As the founding director of Accelerate Cambridge, the Cambridge Judge Business School “in-house” accelerator, she has a unique vantage point at the cross-road of academic theory and practical experience.

She is passionate about early stage ventures. She is industry agnostic and selects the ventures to work with depending on the individuals behind the idea and on the quality of the teams they form.



Claudia Duffy

A former Scientist turned Patent Attorney with a strong passion in supporting entrepreneurship, Claudia is the Head of Scotland Network for Cambentrepreneurs. She worked in several European cities across several industry sectors.

She co-founded the Strategic IP Forum in Cambridge in 2015 in partnership with the Center for Technology Management at the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University. She also took a year out of the patent profession to innitiate the business development and commercialiasation activities in the Engineering sector for Sunergos Innovations, a company which supported the University of Edinburgh’s technology transfer office.


About Cambentrepreneurs

Started in 2017 with the purpose to:

• Support business and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University alumni, current students and others.

• Inspire and assist its members to start, grow and invest in outstanding businesses by providing a structure that allows them to share their knowledge, experiences and networks

• Bring together positive minded alumni and others who want to work together to support enterprise, whether as entrepreneurs, investors, students or service providers.

Cambentrepreneurs exists to serve and help others. Our value lies in the idea that if everyone gives more than they get, everyone gets more than they give.

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About the University of Edinburgh Business School E Club

The E Club is a consortium of students, alumni, researchers, faculty and staff from across the University, and colleagues from the wider community who share a common goal of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. We are hosted by the University of Edinburgh Business School but are open to anyone with an interest, idea, business, or simple curiosity.

eClub website https://www.business-school.ed.ac.uk/eclub/

Business School website https://www.business-school.ed.ac.uk

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